Labour votes to STOP police front desk closure

Last week, the labour led Rossendale Council voted unanimously to stop the closure of the police front desk in Waterfoot. Council asked Alyson Barnes, Leader of the Council to write to the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner asking him to reconsider his proposals which will result in the closure of the front desk at Waterfoot police station.

Cllr Jackie Oakes (representing Stacksteads) proposed the notice of motion saying that “the council is concerned to learn about the proposed closure” and that “whilst recognising the £75million cut to Lancashire Police by the government, policing and community safety are not issues we should be cutting corners on.”

Alyson Barnes, Leader of the Council said:

“I am pleased to write on behalf of residents in Rossendale to ask the police and crime commissioner to reconsider the proposals to close the last public facing desk in Rossendale and asking him for an urgent meeting where we can discuss these concerns further.

“Policing and community safety are not issues we should be cutting corners on, and whilst we understand that £75 million of cuts will have an impact on frontline service, closing the only public facing front desk in Rossendale isn’t the answer to solving the budget problems.

“Rossendale used to have a police office in every town, now the only place where people can speak to the police face to face is in Waterfoot. If we lose this, Rossendale will be the only Borough in Lancashire without a police front desk and this is not acceptable.”

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