Campaigning for a green Rossendale

Our Labour Team out campaigning to “Keep Rossendale Valley Green”

We have been out in Rossendale telling people about our campaign to Keep Rossendale Valley Green. This weekend we were very pleased to be joined by Liz McInnes MP.

The Tory Government want to build over 5,000 new houses in Rossendale.

We know that there is a national housing shorting and we want to play our part but the number of new houses is just too much for Rossendale to cope with.  Rossendale is set in steep valleys which leave little room for building.  Large areas of green belt land will need to be built on to accommodate 5,000 houses.

Keep Rossendale GreenWe have started a campaign “Keep Rossendale Valley Green” and our Council Leader Alyson Barnes has written a letter to David Cameron asking him to reverse his government’s decision to force the Council to build houses that will damage our Valley forever.

We want as many people as possible to join the campaign and so we are asking you to add your name to Alyson’s letter asking David Cameron to reconsider.  You can sign the letter and read more about the campaign at:

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