Junior Doctors
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Junior Doctors

At a recent meeting of Rossendale & Darwen Constituency Labour Party, members discussed the current conflict between the British Medical Association and the Government. Our Labour Party members felt it was important to back the Doctors in their mission to support the NHS and its users. A member who is also a local Hospital Consultant has written to our MP Jake Berry with her concerns regarding the Junior Doctors’ Contract and we are very disappointed that he has not responded to this, despite a reminder.  Our member emphasised to Mr Berry that the decision to strike by the Junior Doctors has not been taken lightly but that they feel that they have been given no option given the proposed changes to their contracts, which effectively will mean more hours of work for less pay. Our member has pointed out that under the new Contract it is likely that most Junior Doctors working next year will be paid less that a living wage for actual hours worked and that is before training and insurance costs are met. There are also grave concerns about the number of hours which a Junior Doctor will be expected to work which could endanger patient safety. We are all concerned that the Contract will result in a less safe and less effective NHS.

Our NHS is something to be proud of and we believe that we should support our healthcare professionals who are working hard to ensure that this does not change and that patients receive the best care possible.

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