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Flooded Irwell Vale

Local resident Janice Johnson thanks Councillor Alyson Barnes for caring about flooded Irwell Vale.

On behalf of the residents of Irwell Vale Village, I want to say a big thank you to Councillor Alyson Barnes, Leader of Rossendale Borough Council for caring about our small village, which was devastated in the Boxing Day Floods. As my neighbour, Jane, said, it feels like Alyson is the only Councillor we ever see down here (even though she is not our ward councillor).

Alyson brought Kerry McCarthy, MP and Shadow Environment Secretary to visit Irwell Vale on Friday, to see the effects of the flooding: the damage to properties, the paths washed away, the broken walls, the flooding to train tracks.

It was useful to discuss insurance companies with Kerry, the flood reliance grants and how these would be delivered and how government funding cuts are limiting local councils’ ability to respond to situations like flooding.

It is also extremely frustrating that the Government has not applied for European Solidarity Funding (there is millions sitting there just waiting to be asked for).

Having Kerry visit us and meet my neighbours whose homes have been ruined by the floods, Alyson has helped to show that there could be light at the end of the tunnel. There must be a solution to our flooding problem and its effects on Irwell Vale but we need help from all agencies to make this happen.

Irwell Vale may only be a small village but its residents are determined that we will get through this……….the work goes on.

Janice Johnson.

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