Budget Cuts

Rossendale Council Leader Alyson Barnes has been talking about the cuts to Council budgets…………..

“Councils have been losing money since 2010. Historically they have been funded by council tax and RSG (Revenue Support Grant). Government has said that councils need to stand on their own two feet, and raise income by selling off land, growing the local economy and building houses. By 2019/20 RSG will no longer be paid to councils. This approach works in more affluent areas but places like Rossendale with limited potential for growth lose out.

The government is pushing councils into a position where they will only be able to provide statutory services.

Non-statutory services include:

Leisure services
Street lighting
Gritting and winter maintenance activity
Support for carers

Rossendale Borough Councils net budget is just over £9m per annum. The council agreed a 4-year funding deal with government in November 2016, 4 weeks later government moved money earmarked for district councils to county councils in an effort to curb the mounting crisis with social care. Sadly this will reduce Rossendale Borough Council’s budget by £3m over 5 years, and in Lancashire’s case this move does very little to help the funding problems with social care.

Lancashire County Council has lost £685m in government funding since 2010. Whilst funding has reduced, the demand for services, particularly social care, has been growing – as people live longer with complex health needs. The County Council has a £92m black-hole in their adult social care budget.”

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